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Ranar XPO Exposure unit

High pressure vacuum that produces the best contact between art work and screen mesh.

Non-porous, non-reflective, flexible rubber vacuum blanket to maintain perfect contact between positive & screen, providing a distortion-free high resolution stencil.

Optically clear glass

The Ranar XPO Exposure unit provides West Pac Designs with consistent exposure with the ability to hold very fine lines and halftones. These features combined offer the best solution for screen quality.


International Coatings

The International Coatings 800 Series is designed to make opaque simulations of PANTONE® colors for dark-fabric printing. The system consists of ten highly pigmented, ready-for-use, low-bleed primary colors.

Formulated to provide simulations of the PANTONE® Color Standards for light colored textile fabrics.

High Performance, Low Bleed (LB) plastisol formulated for Ultra High speed automatic printing.

Very creamy and short bodied, with low tack and for ease of printing, a greatly improved shear.

Well suited for high definition and resolution, fine detail and halftone printing.

Faster production speeds with less pressure, and can be printed through finer mesh counts.

West Pac Designs also offers many specialty inks to our clients ranging from soft hand, water base, discharge, metallic inks, and glitter coats.

TAS Hawk - E Eight Color Automatic Press

The Hawk eight color printer enables West Pac Designs to print eight spot colors or more complex simulated process and four color with additional spot high lights. With a production rated speed of 750 garments per hour (based on color garment and design), West Pac Designs can meet or beat those last minute orders in higher quantities.

Aluminum pallets in youth, adult and sleeve sizes provides a wider range in apparel sizes with limited down time.

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Hopkins and Rototex
Six Color Printers

Six color printers allow for six printed spot colors or more advanced simulated process and four color process printing.

Aluminum pallets provide a perfect printing surface.


Flash Dryer Unit

Flash drying is the process of drying individual imprinted colors while on the press in order to allow several passes of a color or to avoid color mixing.

High density heating elements with no cold spots, to ensure consistent curing.

Flash dryer units allow West Pac Designs to flash dry single to multiple color imprints in order to ensure vibrant colors and quality under base applications.


Ranar CURE STAR 4000

24 x 24" Best-rated Infra-Red Heating Element in the industry, in terms of consistent temperature throughout the surface and a long-lasting heating panel life.

24 dozen T-Shirts/hour, capable of handling long production runs.

Fully Insulated, VARIABLE Belt Speed/Heat/AND Panel Height Controls. For faster curing-point set up.

The CURE STAR 4000 allows West Pac Designs to provide one pass curing of all printed apparel for a one time quality production run.